A poem to the one who once was my WORLD…

“Broken pieces emits light of greatness” that’s what you said,

leaving me speechless every time you talked facts

how was I suppose to understand

that I was never your forever 

but a backup plan,

I never wanted to be your priority in this world 

a little bit of love and time that’s what all I concerned 

’cause I’ve never felt what’s it’s like to be someone’s first love

the only feeling they say that never let you emerge 

you held me at my worst and taught me to fight the world 

and for this, I can never be thankful enough 

you never gave me the reason for the closure of us 

was it so easy to walk away this made me curious 

cried days, months searching what went wrong

what can I do to make us again a blissful song

and this is how my time went by

and now when you’ve come to realize

“I’m sorry for taking you, granted” please come by 

this is what you chant in your carcass tone

How am I to trust you again,

as my emotions are now in vain 

it was hard to rise when I’ve fallen so bad

leftovers of me is what I preserve and I’m glad

hearts of humans are like white paper 

once it’s stained it stays forever

let me be because I’ve learned to stay alone

so what if I look like woebegone

I don’t want to burden myself with one more relation went wrong

all the novels I read now makes me feel they were deceiving all along

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