An open poem letter to the one who can never be mine…

You’ve no right to read my eyes and find what’s wrong,

this is how I’ve lived and will continue it for long,

so stop caring about how i am,

leave the dead flowers in their realm,

why was it so hard for you to understand,

you were a forbidden fruit and that is something i couldn’t stand,

falling for you everyday is something i couldn’t undo,

when i knew I’ll never be your I do,

you’re with someone that makes your heart skip a beat,

and that’s how i want you to live always upbeat,

I’ve always been called an eccedentesiast,

and that’s how i created my aura full of mist,

some stories are better tacenda,

and that’s how life works they say in a beautiful mantra,

I’m a chaos in disguise of a moonlight night,

and its right that i stay out of your sight,

sunshine everyone calls with few knowing a hurricane deep inside,

being as cold as ice this is how I’m now I’ve realise,

you turned everything upside down,

filled me with hope every then and now,

all i pray is you to be happy,

stay amazing and sassy,

cause some letters are better left unread,

like some words better unsaid,

your hugs were like a marshmallow in hot coffee,

made my worries thaw without any fee,

and now I’ve come to know that it’s good to stay away cause you’re someone else’s more…

and I’m not that kind of person that takes what’s never hers and making anyone feel sore…

so all i can request you is to leave me alone…

this is not your mess and if you didn’t it might leave you forlorn…

 cause you’re feelings are way to hard to decipher,

making one feel sinfully amused not in a way which is nicer.

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