Xenophobia to Xenophile – Part One

I see it peeking through a door,

trying to make its way into in the room of people in an open moor,

the gleamy eyes make me feel as if it’s whispering something,

what is it saying? ,

Hello says I to the anxiety of mine,

feared to interact it makes a gesture let’s call it hello in mime,

gave it food, got it calmed thinking let’s find more,

feeling it will say something now for sure,

did come the time when it started chatting,

opening its secrets, for all, it’s behaving,

the world scares me it started bellowing,

uncertainty of things and people makes me wanna roar at all and run away

it was my fault, but couldn’t help the squeaky giggling of mine came along,

apologizing for the behavior and confronting in a lamenting way.

I continued with my hidden philosophy which I always tend to forget

xenophobia it’s called, and that’s what makes life worth living long for 

uncharted waters are the turnkey to all the problems you have,

few will be solved, some will come and go, the remaining will germinate

but look around someone’s in more worse in placing

 hence say Phew! every time and keep yourself together in all the way

for the situations might come and go but you’ll still stand after them.

puzzled the anxiety and started questioning,

okay, so what if when I cannot trust anyone…

and I started wondering…

P.S.  Thinking about the answer?  Stay tuned.  😀  

P.P.S. This piece of writing is not on racism, it’s on how to tackle our anxiety for the times we become feral in various situations of life and it starts controlling us instead of our brain.

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