Words, and due sorry!

Words are so harsh when they are opposite of what you want to hear,

and more sadder when they come from someone who’s so near,

a laugh must they give to my lovely god who hear,

what his beguile creations want to express turns out all so poor,

when they are so much confused or angrier,

how beautiful words are when one is in love, making everything seem so simpler,

why does the meaning change so quicker,

and why can’t we take them a little easier,

one must know if you’re the zenith of one’s life, they are just a deceiver,

coming, stopping, being forgotten, is all they do as a doer.

Those who love you will always understand,

and those who don’t will find a way to turn around,

don’t be serious it’s just one life, say sorry to someone if it’s due,

forgive and forget it’s what one should do, and not stay in rue.

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