Infatuation vs Love.

They say love is blind. Is it?

Well if you accept a person by the way they are it can never be blind cause then you know their flaws their habits their moods their goods and bads  the way they look and everything other then that… then how can it be blind?

Well may be Infatuation is… cause when you are infatuated by someone you only try and give yourself reasons behind to stay with them whereas in love you don’t need reasons.

I was going through Google and when I typed “why” second most searched line came “why am I not loved” being on Quora you’ll go through so many relationships getting doomed scenarios so I wanted people to know something more on it something that will actually influence you to know what is that you feel ! And helps you make lesser mistakes that don’t hurt you bad and not force you to leave the loved ones behind you on the same line I’ll mention make as many as mistakes you can cause you’ll get life only once so make it count.

Let’s hope everything goes well and the stories help you figure out what is it infatuation or love.

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